How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 With Ubuntu

A Samsung Galaxy S3 to root is not rocket science, the way to successfully unlocked smartphone I would like to introduce. I use Ubuntu, any other arbitrary Linux distribution is as usable, Windows for that matter.

Why do I need root at all? There are some features that are not available in the standard Android and only with root access function. Tethering via Bluetooth, for example, or the use of a VPN client.

There are also for rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 devices useful backup applications that absolutely secure everything, or the program aNetShare whereby the Galaxy S3 will in no time to a wireless access point and you look WiFi devices (laptops, PDAs, etc.) than with the Galaxy AP can connect and the UMTS connection can use for surfing.

The possibilities are extensive, but you should also say that you can do through the root access much broken, when traveling in the wrong place.

The normal user should not happen, which is unlikely to go via console on the Galaxy S3 and deletes accidentally systemically important things.

The applications that require root access, of course, can also cause damage, they should not be programmed correctly.

So much for the warning, now we go! A note: All your installed programs, and your settings, SMS ‘and so remain available. It will be activated only the root account, but deleted nothing.

First, we need an Android SDK with functioning adb. there was information about how this requirement is met already in this article.
Now you need Fastboot for Linux that simply copied one in the Tools folder of its SDKs and makes it executable “chmod a + x fastboot”.

Thereafter, the recovery image of the corresponding password is:
unzip download and file recovery.img in the Tools folder of the SDK Copy

The mobile phone via USB to the PC (in the normal on-state)

The command: “./fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” run and the phone off ( “waiting for device” is displayed)

Galaxy S3 launch in the fastboot mode. Abgeschaltetes phone with “lifting” and “end call / power button” pressed gleichtzeitig start. (Flash was successful if “writing, recovery ‘… OKAY” appears)

Galaxy S3 starts back to normal, then via adb the RECTOOLS.tar.gz on the phone copy (debug mode must be enabled), the command is this: “./adb push rectools.tar.gz / sdcard /” via sync ensure that the data is fully loaded to the internal flash memory: “./adb shell sync”

Switch off phone and into recovery mode launch (Volume Down key + lifting + End)

In recovery mode “enable su” Select (see photo, click to enlarge), press the Home button to confirm (the small button between back and hang up) and then the phone about “reboot system now” to reboot

That’s it, the Galaxy S3 can now run programs require that you root Galaxy S3. In the applications now, the program is “superuser whitelist” is sensing your permission whenever a program requests root access. One can allow the appropriate program then once, or reject or Always allow.

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