Steps To Rooting Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Active

Before you begin make sure to install all the correct files (the video will show them to you).

Once downloaded to your computer or cell proceed to install, the system will ask permission and give to accept the installation, we also will install SuperSU (If you have already installed SuperSU you have to uninstall the current version in order to install the pingpongroot)

Once you start the pingpongroot application, click the Download Data button and then click Get root!. And you should be ready to make root in seconds. If you get an error message, SuperSU only closes the pingong, open the app SuperSU and then reopen it thus giving PingPong superuser access. Now click and get root!

Ready, now you have to check root and simply restart the phone to apply changes and verify that no errors occur. Once you started the cell you can download and use RootChecker to verify that you have root access on your cell

Root S6 by pingpongroot will not touch the bootloader and recovery so that we will not raise the famous Knox which gives us assurance that we will not lose the guarantee cell should require it. But note that if you install a recoveryMod as ClockWorkMod or TWRP this will raise the Knox and make you you’re your warranty.

If you come from another Galaxy S you had changed and you want to make big changes to your S6 I remind you that at the moment still cannot install Xposed, Freedom, LuckyPatcher or TbackUp and make them work 100% because they are not fully compatible with Android Lollipop and ART. You will only get headaches trying to configure them with unsolvable problems.

Still if you get to make the mistake of installing and stay in a boot loop you can check the tutorial on how to reset a Galaxy S6 factory without increasing the Knox counter.

Attention: Problems When Rooting A Galaxy S6

99% of the time, you can root Samsung Galaxy S6 without complications or problems, however, this can sometimes fail arbitrarily resulting in a softbrick or boot loop. This is that the cell cannot start the Android system. If your galaxy s6 is in a boot loop softbrick or you have two options:

  • Enter recovery mode and do a factory reset wipe cache wipe data +
  • A clean Samsung firmware flashing with Odin.

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