How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4.2 Kitkat (Snapdragon)

Having root access on an Android device unlocks its true potential. Although any Android user cannot even imagine living without root access, there is still a larger class of users who have the fear of rooting their android devices.

When the Galaxy S4 received the Android 4.3 came with it a new bootloader which was incremented with Knox, a change was noted. Some of these included the likes of root access or roms installation or anything that modify the original device rom.

So it was expected that the developers were able somehow to circumvent this protection, but it did not happen and the Knox so far is something that has not been dealt with yet. For more information about Knox, see this article on Knox protection Samsung .

This tutorial is for 4.4.2 kitkat, of course for the Galaxy S4 . The process doesn’t differ to what has been presented in any of our other tutorials, the difference is that it has the need to do the same process twice using the Odin program to root Samsung Galaxy S4 and another to install the recovery mode.


  • This process should be used only in the model Galaxy S4 Snapdragon GT-I9505 model.
  • Ensure your device’s battery must have at least 75% charge.

The procedure discussed here is very simple and fast. If there is any damage to your machine caused by you of course I will not be responsible. Although easy, do carefully and at your own risk. So make sure your phone has a charged battery and let’s begin.

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