LG G4 H815t Rooting And What Exactly Is a Custom Rom?

Hello friends of turkey h815t LG g4 root and custom rom for devices I want to clarify the incident. Google android software engineers have started the application from android 5.1 lollipop after solid rules

Use of the advanced security are working to root almost any phone by making the move to a newer level. After 2015 and in OEM device bootloader unlock and lock putting this condition are more a complex. And in this thread in my opinion it is very stable.

My main topic is the revolution event with the LG g4 root. As you know, the LG G4 OEM unlock the bootloader lock yes. You asked where you set the developer options options, OEM unlock your vision possible.

This lock-on as long as you root your device, custom rom and it is not possible to install custom recovery. However, in version 5.1 lollipop bootloader unlock the power root and install custom rom possible. But it does not allow you to install TWRP. This will cause an error in the phone soft start to mean everything from scratch. 6.0 bootloader from the android marshmallow root lock breaking now not possible. We can say now is impossible.

LG legally sending mail over the file to a country the only bootloader unlock device to Europe in its developer site. As I said this event for only the current European devices. Not possible in any way to the Asia unit.

An interim short in Singapore, though they are sending the device to unlock bin file. LG Asia and the unlock device sending a stable ride. I’d like that to specify the following LG unlock your bin file sending you warning me. Return none if you look at this path with you if you regiment you also bootloader unlock phone by die drawn out of warranty.

Event brief summary of the LG g4 h815t root passes for turkey device only android 5.1 lollipop also possible. Not possible for 6.0 marshmallow root and a developer to come out with bootloader for as long as he crushed in closed LG g4 marshmallow root 6.0 device will remain just a dream.